Sunday, December 13, 2009

SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker a good deal

If you're stumped about what to get the outdoorsperson in your life for Christmas or for an upcoming birthday, you might consider the SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker.

I been using a Spot for the last year and it's wonderful.

What the unit does is let your loved ones know where you are and that you're OK. Turn the unit on and press the OK button when you arrive at your destination. It sends an email link to whomever you choose during the registration process, showing where you are via a GPS function.

The SPOT also has a 911 function to be used in the event of an emergency to summon an ambulance or helicopter, depending where you are. And you can take out insurance for a nominal fee that covers the cost of the ambulance, helicopter or boat.

I used it whenever I go fishing. I send the OK signal when I arrive and a few other times while I'm fishing. I'll also send the signal when I'm back at the launch to let my wife know that I made it back and I'm on my way.

I've seen the unit as low as $99.95.

Check the SPOT out at

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