Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another Cyberangler cover photo

Rudy Gomez of emailed to tell me that a photo I took of Capt. Pete Greenan (fighting a fish on fly rod at right) has been selected as a cover photo at the site. That's the second photo of mine that Cyber Angler has featured.
You never know when you're going to take a decent photo. I always subscribe to the advice that veteran photographer Frank Ross told me.
"Burn a lot of film and you'll screw up and get a decent photo," Ross said.
And in this day of digital photography, it makes little sense not to shoot a load of photos.
I was fishing with Geoff Page a few years ago and we were doing well, catching lots of hefty redfish. Later that morning, we found a school on hungry bluefish. I asked Page if he had a hookless topwater plug. He did. I asked him to cast it out and work it back. I put on the 300mm lens, sat down in the boat and steadied the camera on the gunwale of Page's boat. When the blues started attacking the plug, I started shooting. At 4 frames per second, I took more than 400 photos that day. I screwed up and got a couple of good ones, too!
Check out my photo at There are 16 featured photos, so just hit the refresh button until you see it.

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