Sunday, December 13, 2009

The bonefish fly box is getting well stocked

I tie a lot of flies.

I have to. I am a kayak fishing guide and I specialize in fly fishing and I supply the flies that my clients use.

My favorite times to tie flies are right before an outing and immediately after. Before a trip, I'm excited and want to have the right flies for the species I'm seeking. And after a trip, I'm usually full of ideas.

My wife, Kathy, and I fly out of Tampa at 2 p.m. on Christmas Eve and will land at Grand Cayman at 3:50 p.m. Then, it will be five days of bonefishing around the island. I also might give tarpon a try. And I hope to give tarpon a try.

I've been tying bonefish flies for the last couple of weeks. In addition to standard patterns such as Clouser Deep Minnows and Gotchas, I've created a number of shrimpy crabby patterns that I hope bonefish will like.

I tied a bonefish version of my First Cast Crab. It's called the First Cast Bonefish Crab. I tied it on a No. 4 hook. The fly got it's name because I caught a fish on it the first time I cast it.

Gibby's Mantis Shrimp is my impressionistic version of a mantis shrimp. Bonefish love mantis shrimp and it's a good pattern to have in your fly box.

Gibby's Bonefish Fly is just something I thought up while sitting at my tying table. It's a simple fly that I hope works.

I Google-earthed Grand Cayman and you can see every potential bonefish flat. Plus, I've talked with a number of fly anglers who have fished there.

Won't be long until I'll be casting to bonefish.

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  1. Go get'em. Sounds like the very definition of a good time.