Saturday, January 30, 2010

Scuds and jigs are on the panfish menu

As you probably have guessed, I like tying flies. I don't spend all of my free time tying, but I do sit down every once and a while a tie.
Since I'm in a freshwater mood, I decided to tie some stuff that might appeal to bluegill and other panfish. I tied jigs on 1/124-ounce heads and a couple of difference colors of scuds. I think both will work just fine. Scuds imitate the tiny freshwater shrimp that live in Florida lakes and streams.

The jig is simple to tie. The design is by a friend of mine, Capt. Pete Greenan of the Gypsy Guide Service in Sarasota.

Capt. Pete's Simple One

Hook: 1/124-ounce jig head
Thread: Fine mono
Tail: Chartreuse marabou
Body: Micro Ice Chenille (pearl)

The scuds aren't too difficult, either.

Gibby's Bluegill Scud

Hook: No. 14 scud hook
Thread: 6/30
Body: Dubbed rabbit
Shellback: Scud back
Ribbing: Fine wire

Can't wait to try them out!

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