Friday, September 11, 2009

Myakka Minnow saves the day (again)

Sometimes you stumble upon something good. That's what happened when I created the Myakka Minnow. I came up with a fly that catches fish.

I entered the Myakka Minnow in a national fly-tying contest last year and it didn't place. I won third place with another fly. I discovered that flies that catch fish aren't necessarily the best flies to enter a contest. Many contest flies aren't functinoal and they don't catch fish.

The Myakka Minnow is and does.

This morning (9-11), I hit Lake Manatee, a favorite spot of mine. I got out on the water before daylight. I cast for bass with a black popper and caught one nice fish. The bite quickly ended and I switched to a nymph under a popping cork. I cast for 3o minutes without a strike.

Finally, I tied on a Myakka Minnow, a gold one. I immediately started catching fish. I caught at least 20 hand-size bluegill, another bass and a nice channel cat -- all on 1-weight fly rod.

I'm convinced had it not been for the Myakka Minnow, it would have been a really slow day.

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