Monday, August 24, 2009

Tough conditions, but success

The wind was supposed to be slight and out of the east. That's just perfect of beach snook fishing.

But when I got to the beach, the swells were fairly large and breaking right on the beach. In addition, there was a storm to the north that was threatening.

I decided to stick it out and was rewared. I caught and released 10 snook to 27 inches, lost several more and stuck a couple of hogs (but lost both). There were some sizeable snook in the surf today.

KEY TO SUCCESS: What worked for me was the find snook and wait until a wave broke right on them. I'd cast and hook up with good success. The stirred up water had them off-guard and they weren't quite as spooky.

Most of the action took place north of where I usually get into fish. Then, I got into a bunch on the walk back.

I consider this a very good day, in lieu of the circumstances.

Tide was incoming. Lots of grass in the surf. I don't think a spin angler would have had as much success.

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