Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fishing kayaks are made for anglers of all ages, shapes and sizes

I’m amazed at the number of anglers who think they wouldn’t be able to fish out of a kayak for various reasons:

Too old;

Too heavy;

Too uncoordinated;

Too tall;

Too short;

Too weak.

The list, it seems goes on and on.

Now, it we were talking about the kayaks that the Eskimos use or sleek racing kayaks , I might agree. But today’s fishing kayaks are wide and stable platforms that are perfect for fishing.

Most any can fish from them comfortably, providing they’re in reasonable good healthy and have the desire to catch fish.

Over the years, I’ve had anglers as old as 82 in my kayaks. I’ve had some as heavy as 280 pounds. I’ve had many, many first-timers.

All have done well.

I fish out of Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5. They’re so stable that I often stand up when cast my fly rod. They’re fairly fast and track very straight. Check them out at:

I understand there might be a fear of the unknown. And they No. 1 fear is tipping over. That WILL NOT happen in a Native. I guarantee it. If I can stand and cast a fly, you will not capsize when sitting down.

By the way, the Natives have the most comfortable seat in the kayak industry. So, you can sit and fish quite comfortably.

Paddling is another fear. Many think they can’t paddle great distances. The answer is quite simple: Don’t. We rarely do. I doubt we cover much more than a mile over the course of a typical day.

Paddling, when done correctly, is quite easy.

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