Monday, June 2, 2014

Improved forecast for June; Southern Drawl now features NuCanoe Frontiers

Vinny Caruso battles an Everglades oscar while fly fishing from a NuCanoe Frontier 12.
May traditionally has been the slowest month for Southern Drawl Kayak Fishing.

Note fly-tier Cecil Guidry in action.
It wasn't any different this time around.

However, we did have some decent days -- both in fresh water and salt water.

Sarasota Bay produced some decent action on spotted seatrout  and snook. Redfish were pretty scarce, but that should change soon.

Top spots included Buttonwood Harbor, Whale Key and Stephens Point.

We took our largest seatrout of the year off Stephens Point on a MirrOlure MirrOdine. The fish weighed 6.75 pounds on the Boga Grip. Of course, the big breeder was released. In addition, we caught Spanish mackerel to 5 pounds, jack crevalle and ladyfish.
Stability is unparalleled in the Frontier.

We got out a few times before daylight and worked dock lights. This produced snook to 27 inches and spotted seatrout to 24.

A good trip this time of year is one which combines a couple of hours fishing the dock light and a few hours just after dawn. Not only is this usually very productive, but also cooler in terms of the temperature. It also keeps us away from those pesky afternoon thunderstorms.

Two highlites of the month were a nice permit taken on a MirrOdine off Whale Key and a feisty bonnethead shark caught near Buttonwood Harbor.

Freshwater fishing has been producing a variety of fish, including largemouth bass, bluegill, speckled perch, shellcracker and stumpknocker. We made a couple of trips to The Everglades and also caught good numbers of oscar and Mayan cichlid.

The big news this month was our switch to NuCanoe. We purchased three NuCanoe Frontier 12-footers after months of research, trial and deliberation.
Vinny Caruso found loads of action in The Everglades.

Key to the decision was when one of our kayaks was stolen, prompting the need to get another kayak.
The NuCanoe Frontier is close to being the perfect fishing kayak. It's arguably the most stable kayak out there. It has a 41-inch beam and is solid in the water. Additionally, the boat is open, clean and very functional. With its "fast track" concept, you can add accessories as you go.

The Frontier just might be the best fly-fishing kayak out there because of its large, open and uncluttered cockpit.

Another major feature is the 360-degree swivel seat. Not only can you turn completely around, but also the seats are padded and very comfortable.

That being said, we now have two Jackson Cudas for sale. We have a Cuda 14 and a Cuda 12.

Cuda 14: Comes with an anchor trolley and rudder. This 2013 model features the center hatch with insert, high-low seat, rod hood and many others. You can check out the Cuda 14 at
This kayak with accessories cost $1,499 with rudder. I'm asking $1,000.

Cuda 12: Comes with anchor trolley and StandNfish pontoon system for unparalleled stability. Also has center hatch with insert, high-low seat, rod hood and other features. You can check out the Cuda 12 at
This kayak lists at $1,299. I'm asking $900.

Please feel free to call me at 941-284-3406 to discuss either boat.

JUNE FORECAST: Redfish action should pick up this month as they move onto the flats. They will be found on the incoming tide around mullet in the shallow water. Spotted seatrout action should be good over deep grass and on the edges of the flats. We're anticipating improved beach snook action, which is good news for fly fishers.

Steve Gibson
Southern Drawl Kayak Fishing


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