Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Cool-Cat Pro is a must for outdoor enthusiasts

I tried a Cool-Cat Pro the other day. I'm glad I did.

The Cool-Cat is made by really cool cats up in Georgia -- Matt and Carolyn Womack. The Cool-Cat Pro basically is sun protection for the face, neck and head if you're out on the water. It has other uses, but you can visit Cool Cat's website:  https://www.coolcatpro.com/
Cool-Cats' Matt and Carolyn Womack

I wear lots of sun protection when I'm on the water. I wear a cap or hat (I love my new Tilley Hat), sunglasses, sunscreen and my new Cool-Cat Pro. I also wear gloves to keep the  back of my hands from getting weathered and sunburned.

But we're discussing the Cool-Cat Pro here, so we'll stick to the topic.

I have a white Cool-Cat and a gray Cool Cat. The company offers several other colors, including  orange, blue, yellow, pink and black. I'd be interested in Cool-Cats with some sort of outdoor-oriented pattern, but that's not offered -- yet.

I just slip my Cool-Cat Pro on before I leave the house and I'm good for the day. If the sun is particularly brutal (which it often is here in Florida), I can pull it up over my face to give myself some extra protection. They're made of polyester micro-fiber and carry a UPF 30 ratings. What that rating means is that you will be protected 30 times longer than if you went out unprotected.

The Cool-cat also has snaps on the back which can be used to tighten it up when folded and used as a headband or wristband. It's the only gaiter that comes with snaps as far as I know.

We don't have to worry about cold weather much in Florida, but in those rare instances we can pull the Cool-Cat Pro up over our face to provide some warmth. I remember my days in bass tournaments, running 60 miles per hour in the stinging cold.

I do all of my fishing from a kayak these days, so I don't think I'll have that problem again.
Women love Cool-Cats because they can be used as a head cover or head band.

The possibilities are limitless.

Do yourself a favor. Get yourself a Cool-Cat Pro . You'll protect skin and you'll be glad you did!

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