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The fleet is up for sale and Southern Drawl June report

Native Watercraft Slayer 14.5 is a great fishing platform with all the bells and whistles.
 Sorry for this delayed report. When Kathy and I returned from vacation, the computer wouldn't work. It was still under warranty, so we returned it to Best Buy where it was diagnosed as a "fried hard drive."

The hard drive was covered, but, according to Best Buy, the data on it wasn't. We had to agree up front to pay $100 for them to "try" to recover what was on the hard drive.

Fortunately, the problem turned out to be a bad mother board. It took two weeks, but we're back in business and have all of our photos and other stuff.

Annie Ewert of Connecticut fished out of the Ultimate Basic
Before I get into fishing, I need to let you know that I'm selling four kayaks. Reason is I'm getting a new fleet. They're in excellent shape with minimal wear and tear. All are sand color.

I have a 14.5-foot Native Watercraft Ultimate (my personal boat) which is immaculate. It comes with an anchor trolley and bow spray skirt. The boat sells for $1,299 new. Spray skirt is $119. Anchor trolley is $39. Total cost new is $1,457. I bought the kayak in November, so it's eight months old. I'm selling it for $1,100. Check the boat out at

I have a fully equipped Native Watercraft Slayer 14.5.  This is Native's newest sit on top. It comes with an anchor trolley, scupper plugs and bow hatch cover. This boat sells for $1,279. The hatch cover is an accessory that sells for $99. Anchor trolley is $39. Total new is $1,407. I'm asking $1,050. Read about the Slayer at

I also have two Native Watercraft Ultimate Basic 12s with anchor trollies. They sell for  $799. Total new with anchor trolley is $838. I'll let each of them go for $650. Here's the skinny on the Native Ultimate Basic:

Please contact me if you're interested. My phone number is (941) 284-3406. In the past, my boats haven't lasted long after I put them up for sale.

I already have my new fleet, so you can take possession immediately and being fishing tomorrow!

June is usually a slow month, so that's when we take vacation. We spent a week in Traverse City, Mich., where I fly fished for carp. Before you sneer, realize that fly fishing for carp is rapidly gaining in popularity. 
And Grand Traverse Bay is perhaps the place to go. I fish a large sand flat at the tip the Old Mission Peninsula where the water is knee deep or less and offers firm footing.

Carp swim onto the flat in June to spawn. They remain on the flat until about mid-July.

These fish are huge, fight hard and make long-determined runs.

This is all "sight-fishing." However, it's important to understand that it's a waste of time to target schools of fish. They're only interested in spawning. I target the single stragglers. Cast the fly about 10 feet in front and begin to move it slowly as they approach.

I caught more than 50 carp over three days. Most of the fish weighed more than 20 pounds. My biggest fish weight an estimated 35 pounds.

I also caught a number of chunky smallmouth bass when the card action slowed.

I used a 6-weight rod, floating fly line, 9-foot leader (10-pound tippet). Crawfish patterns work well, but I did best on brown, bead-head Wooly Buggers.

For information on the great Traverse Bay carp fishing, contact Scott Pitser and the Northern Angler Fly Shop in Traverse City at (231) 933-4730. The shop offers guides services and has everything you need. The Northern Angler website:

After Michigan, we flew to San Francisco. We rented a car and drove to Sacramento where my sister lives. I was "surfing the Internet" one night a few months ago when I discovered I had a sister that I didn't know. I contacted her and found out my dad and her mother were married while they were in the Navy. They divorced shortly after they got out.

It was nice spending time with Carole and her husband, Don.

We spent time in Sacramento, Lake Tahoe and Reno. Nev.  After we left Sacramento, we drove back to San Francisco and toured Alcatraz and Fisherman's Wharf prior to out flight back to Sarasota.

June fishing around Sarasota Bay was pretty fair. We managed decent catches of spotted seatrout to 6 pounds, redfish to 28 inches, snook to 30 and a variety that included flounder, mangrove snapper, ladyfish and jack crevalle.

July fishing usually picks up with redfish taking the forefront on the shallow flats and along grass edges. We also anticipate good action on spotted seatrout, snook, flounder, jacks and ladyfish.

Beach snook action should improve as the weather settles.

Let's go fishing!

Steve Gibson
Southern Drawl Kayak Fishing

(941) 284-3406

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